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X4: Foundations - Update
ФокусникДата: Пятница, 30.11.2018, 20:52:44 | Сообщение # 1

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Данная тема предназначена для публикации информации об обновлениях игры X4: Foundations.

1. Соблюдаем правила форума.
2. Новость должна обязательно касаться патчей и X4 и только этого.
3. Обсуждение и комментирование в этой теме – запрещено! Обсуждение обновлений, кто желает , в теме - Вопросы по работе патчей и помощь
4. Обновлять и исправлять свои ошибки в новостях – разрешено и приветствуется.

X4: Foundations - Repack
Сообщение отредактировал Фокусник - Четверг, 13.06.2024, 17:21:19

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ФокусникДата: Среда, 12.04.2023, 16:51:16 | Сообщение # 171

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А вот и не угадали )))

X4 Foundations Public Beta - Version: 6.00 RC 4 (497467) - Last updated: 2023-04-12


[RC 4] Fixed autopilot breaking after going through gate.
[RC 4] Fixed several causes of crashes.

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Как передать файл через торрент без трекера | Правила добавления тем на форуме | Какие ссылки разрешены на форуме
ФокусникДата: Среда, 12.04.2023, 19:11:05 | Сообщение # 172

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X4 Foundations - Version: 6.00 Release (497467) - Last updated: 2023-04-12


New Feature: Updated graphics engine, with Parallax Occlusion Mapping, Reflection Probes, enhanced lighting, improved shadows, and more.
New Feature: Jolt Physics engine.
New Feature: Live Stream camera mode.
New Feature: Position Defence for carrier-led fleets.
New Feature: New Construction Vessel designs for Paranid, Teladi, Split and Terran factions.
Added new bombardment assignment for subordinates.
Added command to order ships to attack surface elements on designated targets.
Added Salvage at Position and Deliver Salvage commands for use with repeat orders.
Added self-destruct command for player-owned satellites, resource probes, nav beacons, lasertowers and mines.
Added detection and penalty for theft from station build storage.
Added more gamestart information, indicating whether they are Tutorial, Guided, Assisted or Sandbox, and adjusted order.
Added option to edit Buccaneer relations in Custom Gamestart Editor under certain circumstances.
Added Custom Gamestart Editor story states for Tides of Avarice stories.
Added player HQ to Station Design Simulator.
Added Supervised Mining missions.
Added Kha'ak-specific Destroy Station missions.
Added extra Signal Leak missions for factions foreign to station owner, allowing player to earn reputation for Vigor Syndicate at Teladi stations and for Fallen Families at Free Families stations.
Added news banner to Start Menu.
Added hint for missing research to Equipment Mod Workbench menu.
Added button to force station build to complete instantly in Station Design Simulator.
Added visual hint for destroyed ships in Transaction Log menus.
Added links to Object Information and Object Transaction Log from entries in Transaction Log.
Added hint about trade entries in Transaction Log to Logbook.
Added order descriptions to Interact and New Order context menus.
Added mappable hotkeys for deploying objects such as Satellites and Laser Towers.
Added mappable hotkeys for giving and aborting player squad attack order.
Added option to hold Shift while dragging on map to move orders vertically.
Added support for PageUp/PageDown in menu dropdowns.
Added search functionality to Controls menu.
Added transform gizmo to station editor.
Added double-click on module in Station Build menu to focus camera on module.
Added shortcut to Manage Plots menu to console in Station Design Simulator
Added surface elements of environment object to Next/Previous Target selection.
Added warning if NPC-owned ships are about to undock with player on board.
Added option to allow player-owned ships to deploy laser towers in response to attack, inspection by police, or pirate harassment.
Added conversation option to return to normal duties when talking to pilots belonging to player faction.
Added option to cancel multiple construction orders at once.
Added options to pre-configure blacklists and fire authorisation overrides when building ships.
Added station construction menu help information when expanding HQ for storage relevant to research.
Added ship size information to Encyclopedia.
Added descriptions to many items in Encyclopedia.
Added information about long range scanner range and scan area to Encyclopedia.
Added distinction between enemies and hostiles to Encyclopedia faction entries.
Added distinction between friendly and allied relations to target monitor.
Added more relation perks to Factions and Relations menu.
Added option to ignore cargo space reservations when setting up trade loops.
Added option to exchange captains when transferring crew.
Added possibility to override faction logo per fleet.
Added modified hint to Continue Game option in Start menu.
Added mission highlight to transporter room button and other elements.
Added some landmark stations to Encyclopedia.
Added player relation details to Encyclopedia faction entries.
Added tooltips explaining Allies, Enemies and Hostiles lists in Encyclopedia.
Added tooltips with relation name to Faction and Relations menu.
Added Optimal Workforce information to Build Module Encyclopedia entries.
Added information about claiming sector ownership to station module Encyclopedia entries.
Added engine check light to indicate reduced engine functionality to HUD.
Added hull bar animation when receiving damage.
Added mission arrow towards platform guidance if not on screen.
Added animation when selecting target.
Added several new achievements.
Added new ultra shadow quality option.
Added race-specific command consoles.
Added Tides of Avarice soundtrack to Station Design Simulator playlist.
Removed Vigor Syndicate food delivery missions as transporting food is illegal in their space.
Removed wares required for terraforming from missing resource section in Ship Configuration menu.
Removed invalid rebate from two terraforming projects.
Removed logbook entries for received surplus and completed trades.
Removed "transparent" border around fullscreen menus.
Removed weapon group HUD indicators if ship has no weapon slots.
Removed info boxes for ships on map.
Removed venture inventory tab from spacesuit upgrades.
Removed option to turn off save compression (note: with recent improvements to saving this option is no longer advisable for normal users but remains available to modders in a different form).
Improved Argon Federation and Godrealm starting relations with player in The Untested Explorer and The Accomplished Scientist starts.
Improved Terran Cadet transition into Defenders of Sol mission.
Improved Find Resources missions by adding guidance sphere and increasing reward according to how many Resource Probes player will probably need.
Improved Deliver Inventory missions by adding option to deliver all matching items at once.
Improved Build Station missions by diversifying requirements for defence platforms.
Improved Scan mission rewards and accuracy of displayed difficulty if target is hostile.
Improved The Fate of the Yaki mission by spawning reward lockboxes in safer location.
Improved balancing of Kha'ak Mining Escort Mission difficulty.
Improved balancing of some Terraforming projects by making them resilient against setbacks from events such as quakes.
Improved room variety for certain missions.
Improved Give Seminar conversation choice.
Improved placement of data leaks to claim abandoned ships.
Improved dock position tolerance when flying capital ship without docking computer.
Improved undocking behaviour in certain dock areas.
Improved presentation when sharing transporter room with NPCs.
Improved Zyarth economy to counter it being overrun by Xenon (affects new games only).
Improved faction defence station loadout selection when responding to aggression.
Improved fighter combat movement against large targets.
Improved coordination within fleets during attack.
Improved behavior of ships fleeing from attacks.
Improved MoveWait fleet behavior immediately before performing attack.
Improved combat behavior of ships in fleet with carrier or fleet auxiliary ship.
Improved carrier behavior in combat if all fighter subordinates are on detached assignment.
Improved police response to EMP bombs being lobbed at policed stations.
Improved ships fleeing Tide when far from any neutral station.
Improved handling for attempting ware exchange where transport drones are needed but unavailable.
Improved amounts sold by free traders and miners when only selling, particularly across multiple sectors.
Improved ship behaviour when colliding with other objects, especially at narrow dock area exits.
Improved behaviour of deployable objects such as satellites and nav beacons by limiting effect of forces from anomalies and Tide.
Improved S/M ship undocking from build modules.
Improved ware exchange between ships and stations to prevent undocking if order starts while ship docked and station doesn't yet have wares to transfer.
Improved missile damage and ammo consumption simulation when player not present.
Improved capital ships using forward-mounted guns in combat when player not present.
Improved accuracy of multi-barreled beam turrets firing at missiles.
Improved capital ship transition through jump gates and accelerators.
Improved approach to target in preparation for launching boarding pods.
Improved reliability of attack subordinates engaging commander's target.
Improved resupply behavior to allow ships that have loadout level of 0 to automatically get repairs as needed.
Improved decision-making for when commanders recall subordinates upon receiving move order.
Improved responsiveness of attack subordinates when commander attacks new target.
Improved explicit command Attack Surface Elements by preventing ships ever firing at target's hull intentionally.
Improved collection of multiple drops in same area by multiple ships.
Improved signal and data leaks on stations to be in more varied locations.
Improved container magnet making pickups much more reliable.
Improved behavior of missile-armed fighters attacking stations or capital ships.
Improved cohesion of travelling fleets when player is not present.
Improved notification and logbook entry for player-owned ships and stations being destroyed.
Improved presentation of out-of-stock items in Ship Upgrade menu.
Improved estimated arrival time of incoming deliveries.
Improved ship upgrade by allowing multiple ships with equipment from another race to be upgraded if all ships share same equipment.
Improved factory icons to indicate produced ware.
Improved Options menu by making it full-screen.
Improved messages in message ticker and logbook for attacked or destroyed player property.
Improved control mode messages to be informative rather than commanding.
Improved visuals when showing in-game scenes on target monitor.
Improved HUD visualisation when enemies enter weapon range.
Improved storage type colours in Logical Station Overview to match module design better.
Improved display of turret group modifications in Object Loadout menu.
Improved visibility by decreasing brightness of window dirt at border of cockpit glass.
Improved matching of corridors to rooms on Argon stations.
Improved pilot chair in Terran ships.
Improved transporter room visuals.
Improved readability of stars for NPC skills.
Improved reflections on cockpit glass.
Improved impact and muzzle sounds for various weapons.
Improved thruster sound volume to be less obtrusive while maneuvering.
Improved sound occlusion in interiors.
Improved high and ultra graphics presets to include screen space reflections (change only applied when reselecting preset).
Improved deadzone in default input profiles for gamepads by reducing it from 50% to 10%.
Improved game startup time, and time for loading and saving savegames.
Fixed selected stories in Custom Gamestart Editor depending on Headquarters and Staff story state not resetting when removing HQ story.
Fixed player custom gamestart stations losing any special names defined in their construction plans.
Fixed being able to destroy missile drop in Flight School tutorial.
Fixed being able to assign pilots to certain plot ships which should have been restricted.
Fixed problems with Escape Plan mission if it occurs in Grand Exchange I.
Fixed Welfare Module research mission Casino station being invulnerable before mission starts.
Fixed Transport Passenger mission spawning passenger in brig.
Fixed Hack Panel missions asking player to hack panel that has already been hacked.
Fixed Hack Panel missions targeting station belonging to same faction that is offering mission.
Fixed A Pirate's Trail mission getting stuck if Wolfish Heart is destroyed in one shot, or during initial dialog.
Fixed wrong mission objective if target ship gets destroyed early during Seem Valuable mission of Split story.
Fixed Guard placement in Antigone Station corridor during Covert Operations story.
Fixed player Cover ship being owned by Argon during Zyarth's Coffin mission of Split story.
Fixed story not progressing if station to which wares should be delivered is destroyed during Zyarth's Coffin mission of Split story.
Fixed important wreck in Flight School tutorial being destructible.
Fixed conversation stalling during build segment of Advanced Scenario.
Fixed missing hints and menu highlighting in Terran version of HQ dock construction mission.
Fixed Dagobas Lahubasis Yorilos III trying to escape into own ship while talking to him on bridge during Trade Obstruction mission of Avarice story.
Fixed not being able to complete Avarice story race with L-sized ship.
Fixed Manager's Office displaying wrong trophy after completing Arcadian Endeavour story.
Fixed From the Ashes mission getting stuck if Duke's Haven gets destroyed before player can deliver manager.
Fixed Geometric Owl attacking random Xenon in The Void instead of staying put to allow players to dock during Second Assistant mission of Pioneer Terraforming story.
Fixed ship delivery missions not updating which ships to transfer after first recognised ships are removed from delivery area.
Fixed several issues with Scale Plate subscription missions.
Fixed timers for supply factory missions getting stuck at zero.
Fixed some missions having excessively long time limits.
Fixed stations belonging to civilian faction offering missions.
Fixed not being able to dock at Keepsafe after it is rebuilt.
Fixed relations between Vigor Syndicate and Ministry of Finance to be actively hostile.
Fixed mission offer which cannot be accepted for Trade Obstruction mission of Avarice story.
Fixed Dr. Rick Feynman aborting remote call by disallowing calling during item delivery in Double Assistant mission of Pioneer Terraforming story.
Fixed various issues with Torus riddle during Torus Aeternal mission of Pioneer Terraforming story.
Fixed Terran military ships remaining hostile after completing Terran Pests mission by reaching Torus in Pioneer Terraforming story.
Fixed Ace's ship remaining invulnerable after Arcadian Endeavour story completed.
Fixed station ownership not also transferring blueprints in Avarice Story.
Fixed build station mission rewards sometimes being up to 64 credits short.
Fixed Direct Mouse Steering sometimes reactivating in Flight School after player turned it off.
Fixed Arcadian Endeavour story not rewarding adequate MIN faction relation if siding with Mellerd.
Fixed Terran Cadet gamestart getting Defenders of Sol mission without having completed intro mission.
Fixed case of Trade Obstruction mission not starting in Avarice story.
Fixed case of Assemble Fleet mission getting stuck.
Fixed False Sense Of Security signal leak mission not providing boarding target.
Fixed guild missions not being offered if one was accepted from another guild.
Fixed Collect Drops retaining ownership of abandoned cargo containers on order cancellation if one cargo container had earlier already been collected.
Fixed Terran "Covert Ops" mission activating even when set to completed in custom gamestart.
Fixed mission ship trapped in minefield fleeing after being scanned by police.
Fixed Supervised Mining missions being offered by factions that do not have M-sized miners.
Fixed being able to buy multiple Astrid ships from Northriver Company at end of Avarice story.
Fixed duplicate voice line when accepting certain missions.
Fixed signal leaks not offering any hack missions.
Fixed playback of terraforming debriefing message videos.
Fixed Scale Plate Pact not attempting to rebuild Pirate Bases.
Fixed Rhak Patriarchy not being at war with Argon Federation and Antigone Republic.
Fixed asteroids with extreme yield in Family Nhuut.
Fixed certain major stations and factories sometimes not spawning on gamestart.
Fixed some stations unintentionally spawning in hazardous regions.
Fixed Yaki ships sometimes not having weapons.
Fixed generated loadouts in some shipyards/wharfs/equipment docks not matching available equipment.
Fixed subordinate traders sometimes buying from homebase and selling right back to it.
Fixed research storage targets exceeding research ware requirements under certain circumstances.
Fixed being able to activate travel mode in ship without flight assist software.
Fixed ships sometimes firing at empty space when attacking large target.
Fixed multiple beam weapons attacking same target not draining shields as quickly as expected.
Fixed lockboxes standing still after saving and loading.
Fixed ships with repair drones sometimes not repairing at expected speed.
Fixed ships that are about to dock or are executing trades in Avarice ignoring Tide warning.
Fixed case that could result in station-based miners failing to execute assignment.
Fixed traders sometimes not finding valid trades when operating in only one space.
Fixed ships sometimes trading with build storage of destroyed stations.
Fixed station trade subordinates selling station trade wares to factions prohibited by associated trade rules.
Fixed player sometimes being blamed for objects destroyed by hazardous regions.
Fixed player-owned subordinates and capital ships sometimes traversing unexplored sectors when moving between sectors.
Fixed ships trying to resupply at stations or ships they cannot dock at.
Fixed ships belonging to some factions failing to restock deployables and ammo.
Fixed ware exchange stalling if exchange partners are already parked when ware exchange order begins.
Fixed attacking ships sometimes overshooting target on initial approach.
Fixed ships sometimes ignoring collisions when interrupted while docking.
Fixed non-capital ships with subordinates that are not moving with commander needlessly attempting to synchronize movements to fleet at gate transitions.
Fixed defence subordinates sometimes losing track of ships in fleet that are not subordinates of immediate commander.
Fixed case that could prevent capital ships dealing with fleet auxiliary ships which are attached to fleets.
Fixed ships attacking capital ships or stations not using all active weapons when weapons are activated while already in combat.
Fixed capital ships intentionally destroying targets that they were directed to disable while assisting boarding operation
Fixed capital ships tending to maintain distance beyond turret range when directed to support boarding operation by destroying surface elements.
Fixed subordinates not docking if immediate commander is explicitly ordered to dock at carrier that is in command hierarchy.
Fixed case that could result in commanders ordering subordinates to dock indefinitely.
Fixed subordinates of subordinates of carriers undocking when carrier subordinate formation is changed via carrier.
Fixed ships with looped orders repeatedly trying to dock at now-destroyed destinations.
Fixed ships attacking attackers when going in for repairs or ammo.
Fixed fleeing ships erroneously concluding that second flee attempt was successful.
Fixed boarding pods becoming inactive when sent to abandoned ships when assigned marine was in transit.
Fixed illegal activities such as hitting stations with EMP bombs not triggering police response.
Fixed police ships sometimes attacking own faction's ships if those ships interrupt investigation.
Fixed ships in formation that are not subordinates doing no combat damage when player not present.
Fixed dismantled objects sometimes remaining in space much longer than they should.
Fixed wrecks being auto-selected when not flying salvage ships.
Fixed salvage subordinates not updating ranges after commander station's manager is replaced.
Fixed salvagers finding unknown wrecks.
Fixed salvage-related activities not contributing to skill gain.
Fixed pilots sometimes getting stuck when replacing another pilot.
Fixed difficulty docking manually when Collision Avoidance option is active.
Fixed Split flak turret bullets not exploding.
Fixed force effects of anomalies and some other objects not working.
Fixed small wrecks stuck in capital ship geometry interfering with player controls.
Fixed wrecks disappearing while being dismantled if player leaves area.
Fixed stuck doors or non-interactable buttons and panels on platforms after loading save.
Fixed non-interactable airlock after loading save.
Fixed invalid airlock state if cycled too quickly.
Fixed NPCs sometimes standing within objects on dock areas.
Fixed autopilot not being able to navigate towards unknown mission location when mission guidance towards target is available.
Fixed subordinates assigned to mimic auto-trader setting anchor to commander location when initiating search for trades.
Fixed Self-destruct command not working on deployables when invoked in first-person view.
Fixed relief pilots sometimes not retaking control when requested.
Fixed resetting aim assist option to default always turning it off on next start.
Fixed player weapon fire converging too soon when using mouse to aim at own ship in external view.
Fixed mass traffic not appearing under certain circumstances.
Fixed player-owned ships always undocking without waiting for player if player has never controlled any ship.
Fixed SETA being cancelled when pilot activates travel mode while player is seated passenger.
Fixed exaggerated speed change when colliding with moving objects at low relative speed.
Fixed steering being slowed down when in relative movement to ship in travel mode.
Fixed AI captain taking over boarding ship after player launched further pods sending more marines to target.
Fixed subordinates assigned to intercept not engaging targets if all subordinates are in internal storage.
Fixed subordinates stopping moving when player gets close enough to see them.
Fixed military and mining ships sometimes being built without weapons and shields if wharf/shipyard is low on resources.
Fixed Split Raptors sometimes being built with no turrets or shields.
Fixed ships idling potentially indefinitely in ring highway.
Fixed speed restriction zone in Teladi dock area not covering all docks.
Fixed ships missing signal that Tide has changed to calm phase.
Fixed excessive numbers of ships wanting to restock equipment at gamestart.
Fixed basic connection modules having incorrect production costs.
Fixed ships that cannot collect lockboxes repeatedly attempting to do so.
Fixed ships refusing to attack disguised ships that were hostile when attack order was given.
Fixed Revisit Known Stations not updating Space if Position changed such that it is no longer in Space.
Fixed player being blamed for environmental damage in player-owned sectors.
Fixed sometimes running into invisible wall briefly, immediately after teleporting to new ship.
Fixed issues entering spacesuit from ship that is in relative movement to capital ship.
Fixed sticky bullets continually adding impulse to hit object.
Fixed incorrect direction of impulse added by bullet hits.
Fixed laser towers sometimes slowly drifting away.
Fixed pushing effect of anomalies being incorrect when approaching from certain angles.
Fixed ships sometimes taking much longer to align when player not present due to rotating wrong way.
Fixed ware exchange with player's personal ship failing if more than one item queued for exchange.
Fixed player-controlled Builder Ships being shown as available for assignment to construction sites.
Fixed ships with minimal storage capacity failing to pick up all containers when ordered to collect many full containers of wares.
Fixed subordinates of subordinates who are docked at commander repeatedly trying to dock when they cannot do so.
Fixed incorrect station storage capacity predictions from ware reservations.
Fixed escape pods sitting in space if there are no nearby stations to flee to.
Fixed licence requirements for Habitat Modules to fit relation progression.
Fixed some dock requests persisting indefinitely.
Fixed construction vessels not honoring blacklists.
Fixed subordinates sometimes getting assigned to different subordinate groups on commander destruction.
Fixed player being allowed to dock while towing an object.
Fixed case that could lead to drones waiting indefinitely for dock to be assigned.
Fixed ships sometimes failing to navigate out of dock areas.
Fixed S/M ship undocking from Teladi Trading Station.
Fixed autopilot flying into gate or accelerator geometry after transition.
Fixed AI usage of charged weapons.
Fixed docked ships sometimes being stored immediately after retrieval.
Fixed towed objects not moving correctly when player not nearby.
Fixed Salvage in Radius order icon displaying question mark icon.
Fixed equipment mod quality indicators in surface element lists missing when using workbench under certain circumstances.
Fixed traders sometimes not finding trades if only one valid trade in their operational area.
Fixed autopilot breaking after going through gate.
Fixed gamestart description texts being cut-off under certain circumstances.
Fixed duplicate entries in Custom Gamestart Editor blueprint selection.
Fixed missing consumables from details of currently edited ship in Ship Configuration menu under certain circumstances.
Fixed mission targets being repeatedly highlighted under certain circumstances.
Fixed hire and work somewhere else menus being available for spacesuits.
Fixed price and discount/commission information sometimes being incorrect in trade context menu.
Fixed maximum number of docked ships in Object Information menu.
Fixed missing timers on chain missions in Mission Manager menus.
Fixed station construction plan changes sometimes being lost when applied.
Fixed missing warning about changes to station construction plans when closing any menu opened from Station Build menu.
Fixed Long Range Scanner not seeing stations with Protectyon Shield Generator module.
Fixed station plots in Xenon space showing licence costs before placement.
Fixed boarding menu allowing selection of arriving marines.
Fixed crew on destroyed ships being listed in Personnel Management menu.
Fixed missing ticker message when player unlocks new Timeline entry.
Fixed missing/mismatching data in target monitor under certain circumstances.
Fixed terraforming projects showing wrong cooldown when they were never started before.
Fixed ware descriptions in trader menus not updating under certain circumstances.
Fixed scrolling in menus when mouse is over certain parts of screen.
Fixed selected object icon not appearing on Map when zoomed out.
Fixed wrecks of civilian ships being hidden on Map if civilian ships are not shown but wrecks are.
Fixed player sector not appearing on map if using space suit after hitching ride to unknown sector.
Fixed dropdown to change assignment of all subordinates in subordinate group failing to do so.
Fixed menu crash in station storage list under certain circumstances.
Fixed icons of recyclables being visible in fog of war.
Fixed mines dropped by trapped lockboxes not showing as red in UI.
Fixed Spacesuit Engines not showing hologram visuals in Encyclopedia.
Fixed Terran names for maintenance and fabrication bays in Encyclopedia.
Fixed potential damage to objects in universe from missiles that explode in Encyclopedia view.
Fixed suggestions for keyboard and mouse buttons being displayed in some cases when only playing with controller or joystick.
Fixed workers leaving lights on when production modules are inactive.
Fixed distinction between enemy and hostile factions in Faction and Relations menu.
Fixed colour of target monitor relation for neutral objects.
Fixed dropdown for changing existing subordinate groups' assignments causing groups to merge if another group already has same assignment.
Fixed dialog option highlight dot sometimes overlapping text.
Fixed modifying multi-ship selection in Property Owned menu with Ctrl key not working under certain circumstances.
Fixed missing icon for salvage in radius order.
Fixed External View being available for mass traffic and ships in internal storage.
Fixed missing buttons when changing trade ware filter in Map.
Fixed dialog tooltips being wrongly positioned and missing background.
Fixed duplicated mouse-over texts for ware reservations.
Fixed progress bars of repeatable terraforming projects not working after first time.
Fixed Ship Information menu not being usable with keyboard or controller under certain circumstances.
Fixed menu crash in Logical Station Overview menu under certain circumstances.
Fixed menu crash in Custom Gamestart Editor under certain circumstances.
Fixed inconsistent information about gate and accelerator destinations in both HUD and ship computer voice.
Fixed voice playback in Timeline getting interrupted by other voices.
Fixed beam weapon sounds being considered "ambient" instead of "effects" for sound volumes.
Fixed location of casino room in certain dock areas causing visible clipping.
Fixed invisible wall in Condor and Stork cockpit preventing you from accessing pilot console.
Fixed being unable to select objects when sitting in pilot chair of Ides.
Fixed being unable to select asteroids from Drill miner.
Fixed engine jet "flames" not animating correctly for several XS ships.
Fixed game having wrong resolution after choosing 1280x720 or similar small resolutions in fullscreen mode.
Fixed custom gamestart cutscenes sometimes being distorted.
Fixed looking in wrong direction when teleporting to Alligator (Liquid).
Fixed being able to fall off dock area of Phoenix.
Fixed Zeus docking position being too close to pier.
Fixed Zeus E XS dock being out of position.
Fixed Osaka missing some detail.
Fixed Terran L container storage having incorrect collisions container modules.
Fixed missing wreck for Atlas E resupplier.
Fixed Hokkaido (Mineral) internal rooms clipping through geometry.
Fixed mirrored ship ID on Prometheus.
Fixed Chthonios E (Mineral) ship ID not being shown correctly on hull.
Fixed gap on dockarea of Erlking.
Fixed paint mods being applied to surfaces they should not be used on.
Fixed door of Elite not being affected by paint mods.
Fixed Manorina (Gas) paint mod not being applied correctly.
Fixed various cockpits having applied paint mods in unwanted areas.
Fixed flickering in Turquoise Sea with open comms.
Fixed occasional flickering of subtitles when multiple pilots speak over comm channels.
Fixed issues with shadows on glass surfaces.
Fixed shadows disappearing under certain circumstances.
Fixed bright line appearing in some shadows.
Fixed fog sometimes disappearing briefly after loading.
Fixed radar visuals with low quality FSR and small resolutions.
Fixed capital ship interior corridors not matching style of constructing race.
Fixed visual holes in Theseus cockpit.
Fixed hole in Terran vertical connection module.
Fixed pink geometry appearing on Raptor bridge.
Fixed LODs of pirate casino being rotated incorrectly.
Fixed rooms visibly overlapping when talking to Dal while in different room on HQ.
Fixed incorrect opening of space suit dock hatches on Chthonios, Zeus, Osaka and Syn.
Fixed Paranid heads clipping into roof console on Callisto, Discoverer, Pulsar and Quasar.
Fixed Paranid player unable to leave Kyd chair.
Fixed Chimera Transporter door not fully opening.
Fixed visual holes in pirate S ships.
Fixed missing Erlking L turrets sounds.
Fixed missing environment sounds after loading station design simulator.
Fixed custom logos with upper-case letters in filename not being loaded in Linux version.
Fixed performance stutter when approaching highly populated docks.
Fixed noticeable freeze when closing station editor for very large stations.
Fixed rare freeze during startup.
Fixed several causes of crashes.

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Как передать файл через торрент без трекера | Правила добавления тем на форуме | Какие ссылки разрешены на форуме
ФокусникДата: Пятница, 14.04.2023, 23:20:32 | Сообщение # 173

Группа: Администраторы
Сообщений: 7826
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Update 6.00 HF 1

Fixed missing voices for some characters in French and German.

Исправлено отсутствие озвучки для некоторых персонажей на французском и немецком языках.

Нам это не нужно. Можно пока отдыхать дальше.

Turbobit | hitfile | Курсы обмена эл. валют | Star Citizen - регистрация

Как передать файл через торрент без трекера | Правила добавления тем на форуме | Какие ссылки разрешены на форуме
ФокусникДата: Четверг, 27.04.2023, 19:33:58 | Сообщение # 174

Группа: Администраторы
Сообщений: 7826
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Доступно обновление 6.00 HF 2

Прошло две недели с момента выхода крупного обновления 6.00 и дополнения X4: Конец Королевства. Мы искренне благодарим вас за поддержку. День выхода обновления 6.00 и дополнения X4: Конец Королевства стал самым успешным днем для X4 с момента ее первого релиза в ноябре 2018 года. Мало того, в течение выходных после релиза 6.00 в X4 одновременно играли более 10 000 игроков. Такой феноменальный отклик радует нас, и мы рады, что наши самоотверженные усилия на протяжении последних месяцев и лет были восприняты на ура.

Мы только что выпустили исправление 2 для версии 6.00, которое устраняет несколько проблем, включая проблемы с прохождением миссии X4: Конец Королевства в "Святилище тьмы". Предлагаем вам ознакомиться с полным списком изменений, представленным ниже, и надеемся, что вам и дальше будет интересно играть, как в версию 6.00, так и в X4: Конец Королевства.

6.00 Hotfix 2

Fixed Queen's Herald gamestart not being unlocked by default.
Fixed The High Road mission not being offered if Boron story is set to complete in Creative Custom gamestart.
Fixed Repair Ship disappearing in Terran Secret Service story.
Fixed Hatikvah Arms Delivery mission not proceeding when delivering ships during Boron Plot.
Fixed Menelaus' Reminiscence getting stuck in hazardous region at end of The High Road mission.
Fixed The High Road mission not accepting temporary player ship back if provided consumables were used.
Fixed Geometric Owl being trapped in wrong position in Torus during Torus Aeternal mission of Pioneer Terraforming story.
Fixed suitless Boron sometimes being client for various missions.
Fixed Friends in Low Places achievement not triggering.
Fixed wrecks in Sanctuary of Darkness being destroyed and not awarding achievement.
Fixed hull damage from "thunder" region in Sanctuary of Darkness.
Fixed selection of navigation beacons for HQ warping not working in some gamestarts.
Fixed excessive explosive asteroids being created over time.
Fixed missing population numbers in most Boron systems.
Fixed missing illegal wares for Boron faction.
Fixed rare case of game incorrectly being detected as "modified" when entering Jupiter system.
Fixed freeze when changing graphics settings with game installed on very fast drive.
Fixed missing voice lines for English, French and German.
Fixed screen going black towards end of loading certain savegames.
Fixed specific case of stuttering.

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Version: 6.00 HF 3 (498552) - 2023-05-04


Fixed signal leaks never appearing in Terran Pests mission of Pioneer Terraforming story for some people.
Fixed some (not all) cases of deployables colliding with deploying object on launch.
Fixed ships frequently flying through damaging regions in Sanctuary of Darkness.
Fixed wrong lines being spoken for several French voice lines.
Fixed incorrect file cleanup when downloading Steam Workshop extensions on Linux.
Fixed excessive UI performance loss in various situations.
Fixed game not starting on some Windows 7 systems.

В миссии Terran Pests сюжета Pioneer Terraforming у некоторых игроков не появлялись утечки сигналов.
Исправлены некоторые (не все) случаи столкновения размещаемых объектов при старте.
Исправлены случаи, когда корабли зачастую летали через опасные зоны в Святилище Тьмы.
Исправлено произношение неверных реплик для некоторых диалогов на французском языке.
Исправлена неправильная очистка файлов при загрузке дополнений Steam Workshop в Linux.
Исправлено слишком сильное падение производительности пользовательского интерфейса в различных ситуациях.
Исправлен запуск игры на ряде компьютеров с Windows 7.

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Version: 6.00 HF 4 (498964) - 2023-05-12

Добавлена процедура разделения кораблей, застрявших друг в друге.

Исправлен минотавр SCA, уничтоженный VIG во время миссии "Охота на минотавра" сюжета "Пираты".
Исправлено указание игроку вернуться назад после выхода из зоны действия радара в другой сектор во время миссии Не попадаться землянам сюжета Ситуация с терраформированием.
Исправлена утечка сигнала во время миссии Сомнительные сделки сюжета Пират.
Исправлена утечка сигнала во время миссии Возвращение утерянного сюжета Терраформирование.
Исправлено отсутствие населения в Океане фантазий после терраформирования.
Исправлено отсутствие обновления информации о поселениях после терраформирования.
Исправлены цели миссий по сканированию станций, предлагающие игроку состыковаться с ними.

Исправлены экипажи боронских кораблей с верфей игрока, у которых были завышенные навыки или отсутствовали костюмы.
Исправление проблемы с торговцами, которые иногда не могли найти сделки, если обрабатывали только один товар.
Исправлены проблемы с магнитом для контейнеров при пилотировании капитальных кораблей.
Исправлено прерывание круиза при достижении кораблем скорости 20 км/с.
Исправлена слишком высокая скорость при выходе корабля игрока из супермагистрали без автопилота.
Исправлено столкновение управляемых игроком капитальных кораблей с астероидами.
Исправлено столкновение ремонтных дронов с ремонтируемым кораблем.
Исправлены столкновения капитальных кораблей с обломками.
Исправлены остальные случаи столкновения развертываемых объектов с запускаемым кораблем.
Исправлена отмена круиза при мелких столкновениях.

Исправлено блокирование дока Волнореза при добавлении второй зоны стыковки.
Исправление неспособности NPC правильно использовать лифт на "Барракуде".
Исправлен люк Бурого дельфина, становившийся невидимым.

Исправлено торможение игры в случае, если шахтерский корабль с полным грузовым отсеком получал повторный приказ на добычу.

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Version: 6.00 HF 5 (499061) - 2023-05-15
Improved capital ship combat movement particularly when large number of capital ships attack single target.
Improved ship response to Tide in Avarice.
Fixed Boron Queen Carrier and Kingdom End Fleet in Boron plot being boardable.
Fixed Holy Three-Dimensionality mission getting stuck if destination station's dock destroyed.
Fixed signal leak generation during Court Case mission of Split Story.
Fixed welfare module research mission sometimes getting stuck if signal leak destroyed.
Fixed capital ships jumping through gates sometimes materialising very far from exit gate.
Fixed stations sometimes not offering rewards for destroying hostile ships close to them.
Fixed ships getting stuck indefinitely trying to get out of ship storage.
Fixed autopilot not properly disengaging when active while player teleports away.
Fixed ware exchange sometimes resulting in involved ship being unresponsive indefinitely.
Fixed attack subordinates not engaging commander's targets after first one when there are multiple targets.
Fixed inactive subordinates assigned to intercept or bombard not engaging hostile targets when set to launch while hostile targets already in radar range.
Fixed patrolling ships and interceptor subordinates engaging pods and space suits by default.
Fixed several issues with fallback code to separate stuck ships.
Fixed Boron Ray sometimes not firing main battery when it should.
Fixed pirate ships sometimes assuming cover identity while under fire.

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Multiverse Team Seasons - Public Beta Rules and Information - 6.10 MTS Beta 7 (503116) - Last updated: 2023-05-26

Обновлен русский текст, но еще осталось английского текста около 1400 строк.

2023-04-19 - Server Only
Fixed certain settings not sticking when changed (e.g. "Allow Invitations").
Fixed team display issues caused by certain ship names.
Fixed team points getting lost at seemingly random moments (lost points have been refunded).

2023-04-20 - Server Only
Fixed Bonus Chance calculation to avoid giving too high bonus too early.

2023-04-26 - Server Only
Fixed requirement wares for ventures (e.g. Brane Treaty) not being properly consumed in some cases.

2023-04-27 - 6.10 MTS Beta 3
NOTE: 6.10 MTS Beta 3 includes all fixes listed in the 6.00 HF2 Release Notes
Added Simplified Chinese to communication language setting.
Fixed Enemy coalition visitors attacking civilian targets.
Fixed cockpit doors of ships on ventures remaining open.
Fixed being unable to start venture when using Yasur while having less than 2 Brane Fuel.
Fixed ships becoming lost in unknown multiverse locations when starting venture while ship is docking.
Fixed player being penalised by NPC factions for firing on enemy coalition visitor ships.
Fixed total venture success chance displayed in Venture Configuration menu not matching actual success chance of ventures.
Fixed Map menu showing multiverse season time left info instead of expected trade income.
Fixed seminars given to service crew and marines not being applied correctly
Fixed visitor ships not dropping Brane items.
Fixed Work Somewhere Else option not being selectable in MTS crew delivery missions
Fixed chat window not working on smaller resolutions.
Fixed missing reminder to save game when in online mode.
Fixed visitor names appearing under cockpit chairs and on transporter rooms.
Fixed excessive number of venture outcomes listed in Venture Operation menu.

2023-05-03 - 6.10 MTS Beta 3 HF1
Fixed venture outcomes from previous operations not being accessible.

2023-05-04 - 6.10 MTS Beta 4
NOTE: 6.10 MTS Beta 4 includes all fixes listed in the 6.00 HF3 Release Notes
Added sub-categories for paintmods in Venture Inventory menu.
Added checkmark to venture ships/fleets fulfilling current venture requirements in Venture Configuration menu.
Improved balancing of Protect Research Ship venture mission.
Fixed Venture Configuration menu not being available under certain circumstances.
Fixed log entries for failed ventures suggesting a ship returned successfully even if it was lost between universes.
Fixed installing paintmods on Yasur.
Fixed clicking sounds when moving chat window.
Fixed crash under Linux when starting or loading game with automatic venture login enabled.

2023-05-08 - Server Only
Venture "Fortifying Allied Space" now requires Friend/Foe Mines.

2023-05-11 - 6.10 MTS Beta 5
NOTE: 6.10 MTS Beta 5 includes all fixes listed in the 6.00 HF4 Release Notes
Added option to show ship listed in Venture Configuration menu in Map menu.
Added base success chance to Venture Configuration menu.
Added details about ship-based success chance to Venture Configuration menu.
Improved spawn locations for visitors.
Changed ship loss risk in Venture Configuration menu to consider success chance.
Fixed visitors from same coalition sometimes showing up as enemies or vice versa.
Fixed issue of Xenon ships being piloted by Argon pilots in various venture missions.
Fixed visitor ships set to Establish Perimeter not doing anything.
Fixed captured Yasurs counting against your online inventory limit.
Fixed rounding issue when displaying venture success chance in Venture Configuration menu.
Fixed display of team resources in venture reward listing.
Fixed venture inventory hiding spacesuit upgrades menu.
Fixed Operation Objective counter not being displayed.

2023-05-15 - 6.10 MTS Beta 6
NOTE: 6.10 MTS Beta 6 includes all fixes listed in the 6.00 HF5 Release Notes
Fixed venture missions taking place in overly dangerous systems.

2023-05-17 - Server Only
Adjusted Venture times and rewards balance

2023-05-17 - Server Only
Adjusted Team rewards to compensate for increased times

2023-05-26 - 6.10 MTS Beta 7
Fixed issue that allowed spawning more Yasur ships from venture inventory than intended.
Fixed Secure Resource Field missions selecting wrong targets.
Fixed menu crash when sending Brane Fuel under certain circumstances.
Fixed venture operation mission menus not working under certain circumstances.
Fixed a case where venture items were not correctly deducted from players venture inventory under some circumstances.

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Multiverse Team Seasons - Public Beta Rules and Information - 6.10 MTS Beta 8 (506382) - Last updated: 2023-06-16


2023-06-02 - Server Only
Fixed issue with operation rewards not being distributed to certain players.
Fixed problem with missing venture rewards.
2023-06-05 - Server Only
Fixed unusable Tenacity mods being awarded as operation rewards instead of corresponding mod parts.
2023-06-16 - 6.10 MTS Beta 8
NOTE: The MTS Public Beta is now over. The ability to create an online save has now been removed, but you can still convert your online save back to an offline one and continue playing. You will need to keep the Venture Extension active for offline saves from now on, as the extension contains your rewards, such as any Yasur ships you have acquired.

Please note that there will be a short transition period during which time you will NOT be able to claim any Yasur ships in new gamestarts, because you will not be able to convert them into an online savegame in order to claim them. This will be resolved in an upcoming version, where a new means will be added to enable you to do claim these ships.


2023-06-02 - Только сервер
Исправлена проблема, из-за которой награды за операции не выдавались некоторым игрокам.
Исправлена проблема с отсутствием вознаграждений за венчур.

2023-06-05 - Только сервер
Исправлена ошибка, при которой неработающие модификации Тенсити выдавались в качестве награды за операцию вместо необходимых элементов модификации.

2023-06-16 - 6.10 MTS Бета 8
ПРИМЕЧАНИЕ: Открытая бета-версия MTS подошла к концу. Возможность создавать онлайн-сохранения удалена, но вы по-прежнему можете конвертировать свое онлайн-сохранение обратно в оффлайн-сохранение и продолжить игру. Вам необходимо сохранить расширение Venture Extension активным для оффлайн-сохранений, так как расширение содержит ваши награды, например, корабли Ясур, которые вы заполучили.

Примите во внимание, что будет небольшой перерыв, в течение которого вы НЕ сможете получить корабли Ясур в новой игре, так как вы не сможете конвертировать сохранения в онлайн-игру, необходимую для получения этих кораблей. Эта проблема будет решена в следующей версии, где будет добавлен новый инструмент, который позволит вам получить эти корабли.

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X4 Foundations: 6.10.506382 Release - Last updated: 2023-06-20

Прошло чуть больше двух месяцев с момента выхода X4: Kingdom End и обновления 6.00 для X4: Foundations. Оба новых релиза привели к нескольким очень успешным неделям для нас. Например, Kingdom End вошло в пятерку самых успешных новых DLC в Steam в апреле, и мы хотели бы воспользоваться этой возможностью, чтобы еще раз поблагодарить всех вас за постоянную поддержку. Как мы уже говорили, у нас есть дальнейшие планы на X4, о которых мы расскажем, когда придет время. Недавно мы также представили вам первые небольшие сведения о версии 7.00.

Однако до выхода 7.00 еще есть время, поэтому сегодня мы делаем первый из запланированных промежуточных шагов на этом пути, выпуская обновление 6.10 для X4: Foundations. Это обновление не содержит нашего обычного длинного списка изменений - самые важные исправления уже были выпущены в виде хотфиксов вскоре после выхода X4: Kingdom End и версии 6.00. Вместо этого обновление 6.10 - это в первую очередь техническое обновление, позволяющее тем, кто участвовал в публичной бете Multiverse Team Seasons, вернуться к релизной версии.

И, конечно же, мы не собираемся останавливаться на достигнутом! Фаза публичного бета-тестирования нового обновления 6.20 начнется очень скоро. Как только она начнется, мы обязательно сообщим вам об этом в обычном порядке. Спасибо за вашу постоянную поддержку и до скорой встречи!

Обновление 6.10 Изменения

Примечание: Обновление 6.10 - это в первую очередь техническое обновление, позволяющее тем, кто участвовал в публичной бета-версии MTS, вернуться к релизной версии.

Добавлена общая информация о пристыкованных кораблях, принадлежащих игроку, к объектам в меню "Список объектов" и "Свойства".
Исправлено некорректное применение семинаров, проводимых для экипажей и морпехов.
Исправлена возможность продажи не продаваемых кораблей при определенных обстоятельствах.

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